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Nate 5/20/09

This forum seems kinda, um, not busy. Let's get it crackin'!!!

I have some questions. I am new to the band, and the music, but I think it's great, and have a few questions to ask...

I live in Oregon, and was just wondering if the Band members were actually from Oregon, or moved here to go to school and stayed or what? I'm just curious... I was born and grew up here, and take some pride in being from the Great North West.

Black River Killer - Listenting to that song, a great story, by the way, I can't help but to think of the nasty, muddy, black river that is the Willamette. Is the Black River the Willamette?

Trapper Team
Matt 5/20/09

Hi Nate, and welcome to the board! Yes, the BT guys are all from Salem, OR (they all went to high school together there -- ROOTS!), except for Marty, who is from Yakima, WA. Definitely some northwest pride going on, glad you're feeling it too. I don't know where the Black River is though.

Nate 5/20/09

I lived in Salem for quite a while, and worked at one of the High schools... I wonder which one they attended? I also worked at Ranch Records and know quite a few people involved in the Music scene there...

I thought Eric looked really familiar when I seen the videos on Pitchfork.com. You know when you get that feeling like you've met that person before? Or maybe it's just a
deja-vu thing?

xuwan 6/18/09

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