Hollywood Bowl Concert

JimmyJustice 7/12/09

I just got back from seeing Blitzen Trapper at the Hollywood Bowl, I was pumped, brought signs(even though I sat in the back), bought a shirt there and everything.

But the sound sucked, it was like no one cared about BT. The Bowl seemed to get everything in order AFTER they went on. It was so hard to hear, the video was off, but even then they were the best band there. I hope they come back to the Bowl under better circumstances.

Flotsam 7/14/09

Agreed. Very hard to hear. We had to ask the people around us to be a little quiet since BT was one of the main reasons for going. They were industry people so we thankfully apologetic and understanding. But everyone around us seemed pretty won over by the crowd by the end.

Guys, how about doing a club date on your next swing through town. How about Largo? You would sound great at that venue.

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