HoTMoB arrival!

LiveBillieJean 5/8/24
My blue vinyl copy of HoTMoB showed up yesterday, ten days early! Guess it's a mistake by the distributor.  Giving it a listen. Anyone else get their preorder early? 
fabarmadillo 5/9/24
Someone else from this forum told me that he got it 4 days ago! We're both in the midwest, but no sign of mine yet. It was shipped on May 2. Did you get a tracking number for yours? Asking bc I didn't get one. 

(Edit) Update: I asked for my tracking #. Found out it was marked "delivered" a week ago (May 7). Lol. Fortunately the distributor was quick to ship me a second copy. Meanwhile, I reported the missing one to USPS.
J Love 5/16/24
Well write a review then ! :D

fabarmadillo 5/23/24
This might be an unpopular opinion. I think Eric has finally outdone Furr. In a good way. Like, until now, Furr was the only album, ever, that I could listen to more than 5 times on repeat. And then I listened to 100's of 1000's that much. I love how it's perfectly circular, too, like when I was at work and had it on repeat, I couldn't remember which song was the start or end, bc it can loop forever. When I first heard it (during the listening party) it was so amazing that I couldn't stop shaking and had to smother myself with my weighted blanket. I think my favorite song is "So Divine," but it's a tough choice because they're all so good.

Were any of you folks at the listening party?
Brother Beck 5/30/24
I know this is very new, and I am trying to be aware of recency bias, but this album immediately clicked for me from the very first note to the last.  Listening to this for the first time felt like listening to an album that I have cherished for years already.  There is a very strong chance that this could be my favorite BT album.  

Absolutely incredible, beautiful album.  
munkymufin1 6/1/24
Well said, Brother Beck and fabarmadillo!  I'm still getting to know the album, but there are moments that remind me of BT songs throughout their history and also moments that feel like they're trying some new things (and successfully, I should add).  On the "new things" front, I remember during the listening party when "Bear's Head/At the Cove" got all synthy toward the end and completely blew me away.  

I think it's just incredible that this band has such a deep and wide-ranging discography, and is still producing music that is profound and heady, but also that is rad and just fun to listen to.  All that to say, I would 100% recommend the album.

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