Jamieson 8/6/10

I was finally able to attend my first Trapper show this week and was not disappointed.  Loved every minute.  There has been an interesting coincidence perhaps side-effect since seeing the show, I can't seem to stop listening to the Destroyer of the Void track.  How many consecutive times is considered unhealthy? (might have answered my own question there) What about playing one of my favorite 15 sec snippets (2:40 - 2:55 for example) more than once?  Just...can'

steve mock 8/9/10

This will happen. Unhealthy is when you can only listen once. :)

Jamieson 8/9/10

Interesting...thanks for the reassurance, I must be really fucking healthy then.

jmaas1 8/31/10

The same thing happened to me with many of the tracks from from Furr; this band's music is like heroin without the nasty side effects. The upcoming show in Seattle (Oct. 22 @ The Showbox) will be my first BT show.  I will post any strange behavior following the show...

Jamieson 9/7/10

Please do!  I am currently having some trapper withdrawal, now that I have seen them live, I crave more dammit.  The upcoming canadian dates are truly a kick in the pants, not a remote chance of getting to those shows.  I guess I could try flying into Edmonton with my bicycle and attempt to bumperhitch my way to the Peg wearing my helmet of course, safety first.  I will stop writing now before I further incriminate myself as a mental defective (which I'm really not, really).

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