L.A. Nov. 13th-Teragram Ballroom

plTRAPPER 10/12/15

Alright, I just bought my ticket for the Teragram Ballroom show in Los Angeles on Fri, Nov. 13, 2015.  Le'ts cut down to brass tax.  Guys, please, please consider adding these songs part of your setlist that night:

Even If You Don't - fave song on the new album, there's no reason not to play it!!  

Ever Loved Once - fave song from VII, I know you played it last night in NY, please play it again in LA!

Street Fighting Sun - this song is so kick ass!  Please please bring it back to the setlist in LA!  The crowd will love it, I will love it.

Sadie or Evening Star - see, I didn't ask for both, though I would love both.  I know you're playing some Destroyer songs on this tour, why not those two...or even one?  I mean, The Tree is an okay song...but Sadie and Evening Star are friggin classics!

Sleepy Time in the Western Town - If you guys are doing Not Your Lover on this tour, you might as well break out this awesome Furr track.

All-Girl Team - I know you'll never play it, but may at least remind you what an awesome song this is...from TRAPPER one with a bullett!  A boy could dream, right?

Please please consider my request, as I love these songs so much.  Looking forward to see you all in a couple of weeks!!



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michael.james 10/15/15

Duly noted! Currently in the rotation are Even If You Don't, Ever Loved Once and Evening Star. Possibilities of Sleepy Time and Sadie. Low probability of All-Girl Team and Street Fighting Sun - but never say never! Looking forward to playing that room for the first time!

plTRAPPER 10/15/15

Awesome, thank you.  May I also add that if BT happens to play "Lover Leave Me Drowning" and/or "Stolen Shoes and a Rifle"...you'll make me a very happy man!

plTRAPPER 11/7/15

"Let the Cards Fall" is real gem off the new album.  Any chance BT will break that one out on Friday in L.A.?  

RickR 11/13/15

We enjoyed the Santa Barbara showed so much, we want more, so we're going down to L.A. tonite! Same setlist would be fine, however, any chance for a Neil Young tune? Maybe something off the B side of Harvest, maybe Alabama or perhaps Needle? But certainly don't stop playing the Thirsty Man/Come together medley, it was my fav of the evening!

Thanks for the new album and the tour. 

junglelove 11/14/15
RickR 11/15/15

A few pics from the show.

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