Lancaster PA Show

corrado15 6/21/10


Many thanks for the show in Lancaster. It was indeed 'curious' - through no fault of yours. Having said that, I enjoyed it all the more and its' curiosity will make it stand out in my memory for years to come.

Where else could you play to an appreciative crowd on the set of Thunderdome whilst battling the subsonic bass of Daft Punk???

Please don't let it put you off playing in rural PA - as an outsider (I'm Irish), it's a pretty cool place.


AmshMisfit 6/22/10

I had an amazing time! Thanks so much for coming to Lancaster, I hope we showed you a good time. I was howling my heart out. If you ever come back and need an opener... well I have a band around here, so let us know.



corrado15 6/22/10

I take it you were standing at the front right facing the stage? You definitely seemed to enjoy yourself!!

AmshMisfit 6/23/10

yep that was me!

AmshMisfit 12/30/10

just reliving this the last few days. i hope the band comes back soon!

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