Live at The Picador, Iowa City, July 18, 2009

cyfan 7/24/09

I recorded this show and it's on the Live Music Archive now for streaming or download.

The Picador
Iowa City, Iowa
July 18, 2009

Source: Soundboard (8 channels) > Fostex VF160 EX > Nomad Jukebox 3 (.wav @ 44.1 kHz)
Transfer: JB3 > PC > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > CD Wave Editor > FLAC Frontend (level 6) > FLAC

01 intro
02 Sleepytime in the Western World
03 Saturday Nite
04 God & Suicide
05 Fire & Fast Bullets
06 Stolen Shoes & A Rifle
07 Big Black Bird
08 Canyon's Edge
09 Furr
10 The Man Who Would Speak True
11 Not Your Lover
12 Black River Killer
13 Lady on the Water
14 Gold for Bread
15 Jericho
16 Love U
17 Echo/Always On/Easy Con
18 Wild Mountain Nation
19 Devil's A-Go-Go
20 encore break
21 The Last Thing On My Mind (Dolly Parton)
22 Badger's Black Brigade

winterchrome 7/24/09

Thanks for posting! Sounds good! Looking forward to Seattle next Friday...

GrangerLang 7/24/09

Awesome, thanks for sharing this, man! Looks like a good show (as always), can't wait to give it a listen through!

Fan of 7/25/09

cyfan, thanks for the up on the IA City audio mang I was really hoping someone would put up some recent SBD/Aud recordings, sure enough, here you are. good work handling the screaming drunk section, BT. did brian say 'my dad is from this area'? no wonder his pops moved to the pac nw or mtn west then, worked out good for the music and us. ..."haw-wwwks!" i kid, i kid.

GrangerLang 7/28/09

I think you meant to thank Cyfan, GreatWaves. They recorded & posted the audio, not me! :D

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