MFNW Crystal Ballroom

GrangerLang 9/11/11

Oh man, I was gonna say something more about the Crystal Ballroom show once I recovered, but I saw some dude set up a couple mics on the edge of the stage, so HOPEFULLY that'll show up on soon!  I meant to wade across the front row afterwards and ask him about it but I forgot.  In my defense, it's hard to think straight when your face has been melted off(musically AND from the heat...dear god, the heat).  

It was an AMAZING show, and the Trappers rocked it HARD.  In 5 years, I've never seen them do anything less than a great show, and this one still blew past all of them, for me.

And to the girl who let me take a photo of the setlist, if you're out there, thanks! :) I'd never have remembered it all on my own.

Zibby Pillote 9/11/11

You are more than welcome for that photo :)

GrangerLang 9/11/11

Haha, that was you?? Awesome! 

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