'Music for Wild Places' - Hells Canyon/Salmon River Rafting

silje.chr 4/7/15

Hey there!

My name is Silje Christoffersen, and I'm a river guide for Winding Waters River Expeditions, a rafting company based in Joseph, Oregon. One of our guides, Kai Welch, is a native Oregonian musician who moved to Nashville and recently toured with Abigail Washburn. Kai launched a wilderness concert series called "Music for Wild Places," bringing musicians along on Hells Canyon and Salmon River rafting trips. Last summer we floated with Phoebe Hunt, Dominick Leslie, Heather Robb, Ross Holmes, and Matt Menefee, among others.

By combining the creative experience of music echoing off the canyon walls and the adventure of untamable rivers, we hope to promote awareness for the need to conserve our wilderness. A portion of the proceeds from each trip is given to the Western Rivers Conservancy in support of their work in places like the Snake River's watershed. 

Would you guys be interested in getting in on this? Blitzen Trapper is hands-down my favorite band, and I would be beyond STOKED if you came out and rafted with us. Maybe we could even get the Idaho gal Brandy Fitzwater out (she told me y'all were pals).

Here is the link to the trip description: http://windingwatersrafting.com/boathouse/music-for-wild-places/

Let me know what you think!

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