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12345 6/6/10

greetings BT!

im really sorry if you've been getting a lot of this, the new album artwork an homage to, a blatant rip-off of, or just a huge coincidence in its resemblance to the image that was previously used to navigate ween's website? please do NOT take this query as some kind of insult or whatever. im a huge ween fan and the curiosity is killing me. also, my brother (from the midwest) is trying to turn me (from pdx!)on to you guys. pretty cool huh? if you get a second could you let me know?



flyguy 6/7/10

How do you think that your question about the image being "a blatant rip-off" could be "some kind of insult"?

I would go with coincidence.

12345 6/7/10

thats funny! didn't mean to post for the world to see, but i couldn't find another way to contact the group from this site. are you (flyguy) an actual member of the group or are you speculating? i was wanting it to be an homage. 

flyguy 6/9/10

Gotcha.  I'm definitely not cool enough to be a Trapper.  I'm a Ween fan, too.

Matt, is there any way to contact you directly?  I also occasionally have questions about BT that would be better suited for a direct contact.

Trapper Team
Matt 6/9/10

Hey guys.  Yeah,  you can reach me at matt a-with-a-circle-in-it blitzentrapper dee oh tee net.  Hopefully that's readable - just trying to keep the spammers off my tail.  Planning on adding a contact page to the site soon as well.

12345, I honestly have no idea if Lily (the woman who made the art) has ever seen the old Ween site.  The band members post on the forum sometimes, so maybe one of them knows and will fill us in.

gatorbutts 6/10/10

Here is the Ween artwork you are referencing, 12345:

Looks more like inspiration, or possibly both make reference to the same mythical creature?  Cool either way.  As the artist.

Trapper Team
Matt 6/10/10

Woah, crazy!  I can see why people are asking now.  gatorbutts, are you saying you made that Ween art?  Because it's awesome.

gatorbutts 6/10/10

Oh, no.  Typo.  I meant "ask" the artist, whom I am not. Be interested to learn the history/connection of both, though, if any exists. 

12345 6/11/10

i just want to say that you guys are awesome...for not gettin all agro. thanks for a positive experience on the web! PARTY STYLE FOR LIFE!!!

roachiet 7/20/10

Hey, I am a good friend of the artist who made the Destroyer of the Void artwork, and I told her about this post and she was laughing because she had been a massive Ween fan in highschool (still is, but not like she had been), but she hadn't seen or heard anything of Ween pretty much since that time, so it is a pretty funny/strange coincidence. I have a great story about the making of the album art because I saw it all come together, and it was a pretty amazing experience. I also nearly caused there to be NO album art because I spilt tea on art that she had been working on for months, and she had to recreate a lot of it the same night she was leaving on a flight to vietnam, she didn't sleep at all! She had the idea of a six eyed bull with each eye of a different animal and different landscapes and stories from the songs inside the eyes. Years ago she had drawn a sort of lion, mixed with some other kind of creature (many people want to get that lion tattoo, including me!) with the six eyes for Eric Earley, and so the bull was a version of the earlier drawing. She showed me how the dragons are made of plants native to the NW and she was most exited about the back where she has plants growing from the bones, and she just showed me yesterday that the skull is reversible, when you flip it, it has twin figures in prayer, and on its side it a landscape. Pretty cool. Here's her website:   She is a pretty amazing artist and writer. She is half guatemalan and grew up here in the NW and in a village in guatemala with no electricity, I think a lot of her upbringing shows up in everything she does.

flyguy 7/21/10

Thanks for the clarification roachiet!

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