New BRK EP Question

rc 8/28/09

Bought the new Black River Killer EP last night on itunes. Love it!

Question: there were some other new songs (Crushing the Wheat was one I think) that were playing on the B Trapp myspace page that were not on this ep. Will those songs be available sometime as well?

Trapper Team
Matt 8/28/09

Hey rc, glad you're enjoying the BRK EP! Crushing The Wheat was released on the 2008 PDX Pop Now compilation CD, and given away online as part of the promotional push for the festival. You can find an MP3 here:

And you can buy the comp here:

The only other song on the myspace that's not on Furr or the BRK EP is Texaco, which you can find on the first BT album. You can find links for that right here:

Thanks for caring about this stuff!

rc 8/28/09

Thanks for your reply Matt. I will download Crushing the Wheat from that link.

I've got Field Rexx (and pretty much everything else!)

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