New recording in Nashville + RSD

junglelove 3/17/16
No word on how/when this will be released..

Blitzen Trapper is calling its current tour Southern Fling ’16, but the band’s upcoming Nashville show will be more than an ephemeral one-night stand. On Wednesday night, the folk rockers will record live to acetate in the Blue Room at Third Man Records. Their performance will be recorded, mixed on the spot and immediately cut to acetate on Third Man’s 1953 lathe.

 For this year's Record Store Day (April 16), they are releasing a remastered version of their sophomore album, "Field Rexx," on vinyl for the first time.

Nashville setlist 


 Rock and Roll (Was Made For You) (Start of Side A)
 Nights Were Made For Love
Cadillac Road
Love Grow Cold
(End of Side A)

  Taking It Easy Too Long ("Intermission song" while acetate was changed)

(Start of Side B)
Lonesome Angel
Black River Killer
Love the Way You Walk Away
All Across This Land (End of Side B)

 Big Black Bird
 Wild Mountain Nation  

EveningStar 3/20/16
The people working at Third Man said it could take up to a year to release the LP. I was there, it was amazing. It'll be worth the wait. 
jers 3/24/16
Thanks for the info. This is good news. An all analog live recording should rock. I do kinda hope   it isn't pressed at United though. Sometimes they have sketchy QC. I saw Thirdman got some new record presses. Not sure when they will be up and running though. I am looking forward to it in any case.
Band Member
michael.james 3/28/16
Glad you guys are stoked - it was really fun to do and really cool to do it on that lathe. Also, the signal path was remarkably simple - a pretty unadulterated path to the cutting head. We can't promise, but we are hoping to get this out in the fall, with a little goading of course.

It will likely be pressed at United. While I would have agreed with your sentiment a year ago Jers, United has recently added way more capacity and also made QC a priority with paid positions instead of interns running upstairs infrequently. We'll see - hoping for the best. I'll keep you posted.
Kevidently 4/5/16
Oh man. I am amped beyond for this.  New live stuff is thrilling, especially if it's new live "Love the Way."
mistercharlie 4/16/16
I just snagged a copy of Field Rexx at my local vinyl shop. Pretty stoked to put it on and give it a spin, but first I gotta gut the grass or the wife's gonna be pissed when she gets home and finds out that I spent my day in line to buy records and not doing what she had asked me to do. 

I mean you gotta have priorities...
junglelove 4/19/16
This session is not to be missed IMHO..
junglelove 5/4/16
junglelove 9/2/16
Now available for Pre-order from 3rd Man records (and preview of Lonesome Angel)

junglelove 9/5/16
Also now available to buy on itunes.

The sound quality and mix is phenomenal - the depth and texture is amazing - clarity of the keys and base in particular is startling.

Great stuff.

munkymufin1 9/6/16
Got mine today, and I have to agree with Junglelove on the mix.  I was at the show (you can hear me say "yeah" at the beginning of Texaco, ah-thank-you-kindly), so I'd love the tunes out of sentiment, regardless.  But I am seriously blown away at the recordings' richness, especially in how great the harmonies sound.  Everyone should pick this one up!

Thanks for another damn fine album, gents!
jers 9/14/16
I have spun this record twice now in the five days that I have had it. This is just beautiful music. I am going to put it away now. I want to save it. I have a feeling it will go perfectly with a lonely, rainy night and a glass of bourbon.

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