Newport Set List

flyguy 10/15/09

Newport, KY Southgate House 10/14/2009

Sleepytime In The Western World
God And Suicide
Stolen Shoes And A Rifle
Wild Mountain Nation
Canyon's Edge
Gold For Bread
Love U
Silver Moon


Country Rain
Not Your Lover
Black River Killer
Lady On The Water
Going Down
Fire And Fast Bullets
Big Black Bird
Devil's A-Go-Go

The Last Thing On My Mind

We had a great time last night and the band was spot on; the harmonies couldn't sound better. It was great meeting Michael; he spent about ten minutes talking to us about this and that before the show. I wasn't sure about the title of the song after the break, so any help or corrections with my take on the evening are welcome. Marty?

Band Member
marty 10/15/09

The song you weren't sure about is Country Rain from Field Rexx. And we ended the set with Devil's A-Go-Go, not Murder Babe. The encore was a Tom Paxton song called Last Thing On My Mind.

flyguy 10/15/09

Thanks for the help, Marty! I made the corrections...

blakedrury 10/15/09

Awesome show! You guys are unbelievable live.

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