Pabst Theatre Show

trappermang 7/20/09

Wow! Just wow. It was great to see the band in the majestic setting of the Pabst theater. I must say Marty has some great energy and stage presence and Brian is just possessed on the drums, great energy all around. Overall just a great set, I missed them last turn around in Chicago as I was out of town so this was extra special to see. Stolen Shoes & a Rifle just blew me away live. My only downer was not being able to buy the tour cd as there where none available and the girl had no idea what I was talking about. Guess I'll have to wait... see you around next time guys, great show!

muchincho 7/21/09

I saw the guys last night at the pabst as well. They seemed to capture that feeling and allure of going to your first concert. I haven't had that much fun in years! Not only are they consummate professionals, but honest to god nice people. Setlist was amazing, however I would've liked to have heard 'Country Caravan'

Lastly, I would've liked to have seen the audience participate more in the show. It's their first time in the mil and it would've been cooler if the people attending would've showed a little more openly how much they appreciate 1. that they came in the first place and 2. will return.

trappermang 7/21/09

yeah, crowd was sort of mellow, I think most people where checking them out for the first time. It's a lot to ingest if aren't familiar with them. On top of that I think a lot of people like going to the "Pabst" not necessarily to go see a particular artist. One thing I did get the vibe watching this though is that I was watching something special. I just see these guys going to great levels if they remain true to themselves, which it seems they will.

Country Caravan would've been very nice to see live as you mentioned.

deepwater 7/23/09

My first time seeing BT, and loved, loved, loved it! I've been spinning "Furr" obsessively for a few months now, since my Oregon friends turned me on to it, but you guys are just a stellar live band. I want to give Eric a high-five for the new song 'Man who would speak true' (or some such) -- it was a highlight of the show for me. Really strong. Come to Madison next time!! The Pabst is great, but I bet you'd like Mad-town even better.
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