Production on Furr?

Shirk 9/23/08

I think your new album is great! I'm partnered in a blog and I host all the live sessions we do at my studio. We'd LOVE to have you guys by prior to your Schubas show when you are in Chicago on 11/9.

Anyhow, as a producer/engineer, I'm always curious about who and what was involved in the production process. Can anyone chime in on where the record was recorded? With a producer or self-produced? Any particular interesting production processes?

Great work all around. I haven't enjoyed an album this much in a long time.

Trapper Team
Matt 9/23/08

Hey Shirk! I can tell you that Eric Earley produced and recorded the album himself, with the exception of Black River Killer and Lady on the Water, which were recorded with Mike Coykendal's studio. Eric records everything in his own studio in the BT practice space. Maybe he'll get on here at some point and breakdown his process a little bit -- it's all pretty much black magic to me.

So glad you're digging the album! I'll check on that in-studio idea too.

ALady 11/19/08

Is that the same Mike Coykendall who works with M. Ward, the Old Joe Clarks, etc.?

Trapper Team
Matt 11/19/08

It is indeed! He's a talented guy, to be sure.

ALady 11/19/08

Oh, crazy- he's a friend of a friend. Small world!

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