Psyched for the show

Trapperfan 9/6/13

I am extremely psyched for the show. I've been a fan via internet radio for a few years now, but haven't had the opportunity to see Blitzen Trapper live since it seemed they toured primarily the west coast (of Canada anyway). Until now. I'll be in Toronto in October to finally witness this great band. Can't wait!!!

elcapitan1800 9/6/13

You are in for a treat! I've seen them 4 or 5 times now, they always put on an amazing show. Bring your friends, everyone should be a Trapper fan!!

rudolph trapper 9/6/13

yes u r def in for a treat! ive been to 8 or 9 shows & my mind gets blown every time. if u like the album versions of the songs wait til u here them played live. its like bt on crack, & we all know how delicious crack can be. ;)

Trapperfan 10/12/13

Wow. I waited a long time and they did not dissapoint. It was a little more electric than I had anticipated (I thought there would be a few more of their acoustic greats) , but a great, great show nonetheless.

Thanks BT for making the wait worthwhile!!! I hope you'll come out this way again soon.

junglelove 10/15/13

Were there any new tees on sale (and will they be in the online shop soon) ?

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