Rochester....Holy Canoli

Clydieho 2/24/09

What a great show tonight at the Bug Jar. It was my introduction to the band and I have been sold. Great songs, great playing and what harmonies. You guys are senstive singers what with those beards and all. I will be spinning the lp I picked up for a long time coming. Give us that star beside our name on your tour itineray like you said and don't forget us, we will pay you back with another sold out show if'n you do. Thanks for a great night.

m2121 2/26/09

Not the first time I had seen you guys play, but by far my favorite show. The small venue really lifted things and it seemed to flow flawlessly and smooth, even when you had to bring the Hagstrom out.

I really enjoyed watching you play an entire set list, every moment of it. What was the Dolly Parton song played during encore?

Trapper Team
Matt 2/26/09

That was probably "The Last Thing On My Mind," originally by the great Tom Paxton. There's a version of it on EP here:

ajk1979 2/27/09

My friend and I were fortunate to sit down with Marty, Eric and Brian before their show in Rochester.

Here are the results.

Thanks to Matt for giving us the opportunity and to the guys for being so accommodating.

travisvb 2/28/09

Here's the setlist. Anyone know the guy taping the show?

Sleepy Time in the Western World
Saturday Nite
Fire + Fast Bullets
God + Suicide
Stolen Shoes + A Rifle
Murder Babe
Big Black Bird
Canyon's Edge
Summer Town
Country Caravan
Miss Spiritual Tramp
Black River Killer
Lady on the Water
Not Your Lover
Wild Mountain Nation
Gold For Bread >
Jericho >
Love U >
Asleep for Days
Devil's A-Go-Go

The Last Thing On My Mind*

* Marty (guitar, vocals), Eric (vocals), and Brian (vocals)

conman 2/28/09

Love it! Looking forward to Nashville on Friday, and Birmingham on Saturday.

Johann 2/28/09

Does anyone know the meaning behind the song, "God and Suicide"? Thanks!

Trapper Team
Matt 2/28/09

I personally could not tell you, but I noticed Eric spoke about it a bit in this article:

"It all goes back to the ideas that were talked about by French philosophers, and Freud," he says, "that people have an urge towards transcendence, and also an urge towards death. Making music, and having children, are ways to try to find transcendence. And suicide is just the opposite side of that, and not necessarily killing yourself, but just the urge toward self-destruction."

JennyB 2/28/09

I spoke briefly with the guy taping the show and he said it would be on If my skills of deduction are accurate, I think it was Dan Godwin of upstatetapers email [email protected].

travisvb 3/1/09

Great! Thanks, JennyB.

dgodwin 3/1/09

I'm in the process of editing the recording. I'm hoping to get it uploaded in the next couple days, but no promises... Thanks for posting the setlist Travis, and also nice blog post about the band and show ajk1979!

edit: Here's the show:

travisvb 3/3/09

Thanks, Dan!

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