Sacramento Show

Paul Newton 8/30/11

I noticed a Sacramento show listed on the back of the tour shirt for 11/14 but it isn't listed on the tour schedule to buy tickets.  Will there actually be a Sacramento show this tour?

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michael.james 8/31/11

Regrettfully no. This one was out of our hands - something about Dawes' management, don't know. Sorry dude - best we can do is Petaluma and SF. This year.

Paul Newton 3/6/12

Thank you so much for making it out to Sacramento tonight.  My wife and I had a great time at the show and you guys sounded fantastic.  This was actually the first concert I have been to since I lost the hearing in my right ear a couple of years ago.  So I have been rather protective of my good ear since then, but seeing Blitzen Trapper live was too awesome to pass up.  Thanks again for an amazing show.

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