Seattle 10/25

GrangerLang 10/27/09

They played to a pretty full house in Seattle on Sunday and, despite probably being bone-tired at the end of a long stretch of touring, put on a solid, fun show. Eric was sick and had lost a good chunk of his voice, but he powered through it like a trooper. They cut parts of the set, losing the songs Eric couldn't reach. In total it ran a little under an hour, but the crowd was having so much fun, it felt like a full show. When he was straining on 'Furr', the whole house raised their voices and sang like we were at the biggest camp-out ever.

For the encore, Marty came out alone and regaled us with a little history lesson in 'How Washington Was Almost Part of Canada', then jumped into a singalong of 'The Gambler', and actually did the whole song! Eric, and I think maybe Brian as well-my brain's fogging over-came out and accompanied Marty for the last verse & chorus. And they closed it out on a proper high note with Country Caravan, of course.

All in all, great show, major props and thanks to Eric for being such a star and giving it his all and to ALL the guys for being fucking awesome :)
How great looking are those Black River Killer video masks, by the way? So, so sweet. I didn't think they'd have them at the Seattle show or I'd have brought more cash!

I took some pics...nothing fancy, first time with a new camera, but there you have it... see 'em here:

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