jeronimo 6/10/12

Hey guys, any chance you would/could shed some light on singing as rad as Eric? Eric or any of the band members, has there been some key techniques or tips that have been crucial? Or simply practice practice practice? Or is it a lot of natural talent that plays into it?

Band Member
marty 6/11/12

relax. push the air from your solar plexus. love to feel your whole body vibrating. sing a harmony along with your favorite tunes. practice practice practice. and remember rocknroll is about the feeling and tone more than pitch or proper technique.

jeronimo 6/12/12

Thank you Marty!

junglelove 6/12/12

Hmm - I thought this was going to be a thread about the band covering Travis.


Back into the studio in the fall tweet was good news though :D

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