Someone, please...

OCDBT4ME 9/1/12

...tell me more about this:

gatorbutts 9/2/12

Great tune (released on Dead Bees Records Sampler #4), apparently used as a tribute to an odd story.

OCDBT4ME 9/3/12
Thank you, Daniel. :)
OCDBT4ME 9/3/12

After figuring out how to say 'United States of America' in French and looking up the dollar to Euro exchange rate (1:0.77), I ordered my copy. :)

gatorbutts 9/6/12

No worries.  Pink Padded Slippers is a nice tune indeed.  That version was also released on the 2004 PDX Pop Now! compilation, found here:

That is actually an old tune originally recorded in 2001 in their Garmonbozia days, included on their record "1940".  Cool one to track down as well.

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