The Followers - Eric Earley Side Project

Lukas 4/26/12

I was stumbling through the archives of , and was surprised to stumble upon a side project of Eric E's that I hadn't heard of, and thought I'd share it. 

"The Followers' "Wounded Healer" is the first release for Deeper Well Records, a gospel collective that has been birthed out of Door of Hope Church in Portland Oregon. Songwriter Josh White (of Telecast) teamed up with Eric Earley (of Blitzen Trapper), and friends to create a 70's infused worship experience. Mixing R&B, country, rock, and folk, "Wounded Healer" may draw one back to the days of the Jesus Movement, or push one forward into a new and exciting era of music for the church. We call it neo-gospel!"

Bergschrund 4/27/12

Lukas: Thanks for sharing. I was raised around Gospel and I still love the old stuff, although most contemporary Gospel bores me stiff.  This project, however, is very good and well worth a spin.


steve mock 4/28/12

This is cool. This is very cool.

Thoughtful review here:

Who did the artwork? It is beautiful.


OCDBT4ME 4/29/12

Fantastic find, Lukas!  Wow - it's like Christmas in April!  Thank you so much!!

Bergschrund 4/29/12

I chatted with Mr. Earley briefly last night before the brewfest show, specifically about the Followers.  He said that they have some more records planned for this group and from how he described it, it sounds like some exciting stuff.

Potatobanjo 5/1/12

Bandcamp has the record in FLAC and other higher bitrates than Noisetrade:

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