Ticket Prices

thingmaker 7/29/11

 I think BT should start charging a bit more for tickets to their shows. I have seen them 4 times now and have yet to pay more than $15. I am sure it's obvious that they are not in the game for massive riches, but I can't figure out how they can pay for the gas it takes to get from city to city, especially after they split that $15 with the supporting acts. So while I don't want to spend arena prices to see BT I would gladly give them and extra $10 or $15 per ticket!!

RuggedBull 7/31/11

$15 seems perfect for Yakima (last night), which is a smaller town here in Washington state. It looked like 200-250 attended, which meant $3000 was made. Of course you have to pay the venue and the supporting acts, but it's not bad for a 70 minute set.

If I actually lived in Yakima, I would probably pay up to $25 for that show, but since I had to drive an hour to the concert and another hour back, I've spent 7 gallons of my own gas which is approx $26.00.

jeglican 8/1/11

Luckily Wicker Park was 5 bucks.  If they were more expensive I couldn't afford to see them. I took the train down to Chicago which ran me like 70 bucks, so I essentially paid arena price.  Unless they tour pretty thoroughly I'd say the prices are good.

ManOnTheWater 8/2/11

I agree with Thingmaker that they could charge more for their shows. I don't know how they can make the awesome videos they do making $3,000 a show! It pains me to see other acts making 10x that much when they are absolute crap. The Metro in Chicago is as upper class as you are going to get without getting into the $50 range, so I would expect BT to make a little more money off of this tour, which they rightfully deserve.... just don't go cutting your hair and bling yourselves out, guys :)

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