To BT live or not to BT live - that is the question

nuttydo 11/30/08

About a year ago my girlfriend came back from seeing Two Gallants in Munich and thrust Wild Mountain Nation into my hand. She was, she said "disappointed with this band, they were so much more punky live". And she didn't like all of the effects on the voices on the CD. Maybe it would be something for me.

Now, I don't like Two Gallants (my girlfriend is a TG nut) and I thought to myself, why the hell would I want to listen to a TG support band? But, dutifully, I slid the CD in and watched as Wild Mountain Nation seduced my iTunes and... now, I'm a junkie, haunting iTunes for the slightest sign that BT will release more tracks, (I now have all albums and singles, all legally bought, I have to state) desperate for the day that BT will come far enough south for me to afford the tickets and the trip (eg Munich).

Now, I've scoured YouTube for BT live and must say, I love the version of Miss Spiritual Tramp (better even than the album version). But, even taking into account the poor recording quality, I was not so enamoured by what I saw. And now I'm a bit reticent. What if I don't enjoy the concert? I find most bands a disappointment live. I find myself tapping my foot waiting for the end. The last time I enjoyed a concert was a type of gypsy band called "Bratsch" who were just stunning and before that a Goth band called "Balaam and the Angels" - head-banging, half-naked mental scream. Best time of my life. And I don't even like Goth music. And I'd never heard of either Balaam or Bratsch before I went to see them. Nor would I want to buy any of their music on CD now.

So, dear BTers who have had the privilege of being present at a live concert. Will I be prejudiced by my CD-hugging, iPod-bopping over-sensitivity towards rough-and-ready amp-thumping, ear-bleeding, guitar-growling gigs? Or will I be just as seduced as I was when the CD slid into that slot? Should I care? Should you care? Can you convince me to put my money where my keyboard is and buy some tickets for the next BT gig?

And why, of all the things, despite it not being on my absolutely-has-to-be-done- today check-list, am I writing this post?

Music Saves 12/1/08

I would say definitely go see them, you'll kick yourself if you don't. At least you'll know either way if it's worth it. I've seen them twice this year in Chicago, and I enjoyed both times immensely. You already know the tunes are there, and I can tell you they know what they're doing on stage, so go experience it! You can sit at home the rest of your life listening to the records, but you only get a handful of opportunities to see a band come to your town. Watching people perform the songs you love live goes hand in hand with hearing the albums. You may prefer one over the other, but you should be exposed to both. Good luck if you get the chance, hope you have fun, let us know the verdict!

nuttydo 12/5/08

Thanks for the comment, Music Saves. Will most definitely do that. Two times, eh? How big are their venues? I think the smaller the venue, the better the atmos, no?

ALady 12/5/08

The Chicago venue was Schubas, which holds about 250 people; I'm pretty sure both shows were sold out. It's my absolute favorite place to see a show here!

nuttydo, you need to see this shouldn't even be a question. ;)

rowdyroddy 12/10/08

I would add over the past 5 years....if you get into the right string of bands that value live performance and play their hearts out every night, you won't be disappointed again. BT is one of those bands. Other in the same general genre are My Morning Jacket, Black Keys, Raconteurs....unbelievable live shows. Get on the message boards and blogs and read who is killing it live, then go see em...

rowdyroddy 12/10/08

checking on Munich shows coming for you (a TON of metal!), it looks sort of thin for springtime. Bob Dylan is always a sure thing if you dig on him....what's with the Munich 4 night stint by Tina Turner? Wow.

nuttydo 3/15/09

Downloaded the Live at the Music Hall gig in Brooklyn (linked supplied on Twitter). Absolutely wonderful playing. Thank you BT for making it available. Even my girlfriend was saying, "now that's beautiful..". Would love to get hold of "Canyon's Edge" as studio version. Wonder if exists.

What bothered me about the gig was the incessant talking - while Eric is singing his heart out, you can clearly hear, for example, some woman having a conversation with another person about her mother. When I listen to a band play, I have the decency to give them my full attention, to concentrate - for me, it's like talking in the movies. You just don't do it. So, I wonder still if I would enjoy a BT show if such a person was standing next to me. maybe I have issues, should check out a shrink.

Not that me going to a BT show is going to happen any day soon: All those of you who get to go to BT shows because you happen to live in the land they call America, count your blessings - Germany shows don't seem to be on the cards yet.

Thanks once again to BT for being so generous with your music and talents.

nuttydo 11/18/10

It took 2 years but I made it. Munich's Kranhalle, 15 November 2010. Finally got to see BT live. I asked the question whether I would be disappointed, because I liked them so much. I wasn't. It was just as much fun as I wanted it to be (hey, power of suggestion). 

It was nice meeting the band members (at least the half of them) who were just so friendly and open. 

Have drummed up support for two towns (Manchester and Dublin) and am happy that people will be going on my recommendation (people who'd never heard of BT).

Next time you come over, save me a considerable amount of euros by coming to Regensburg (which is bigger than Münster, by the way). A beautiful, laid back university town, with the highest level of bars per inhabitant and the nicest beer to go with it: definitely not "lager beer hell" as Marty quipped. I guarantee you a sold out show.

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