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MitchGulliver 5/29/18
Hey Folks, 

I'm currently working on a small online video project that I plan to release in mid June. I'm currently really hoping to use Black River Killer, as It's one of my favourite tracks and it works great with our video! 

Has anyone on here licensed tracks in the past? If so any info would be much appreciated! 

Band Member
michael.james 5/31/18
Hey Mitch,

Michael, the bassman here. Excellent question here. While Eric is the rights holder of the song itself, the rights holder of the recording is Sub Pop records. You can find their licensing info here. Good luck - this stuff gets hairy pretty quick!

MitchGulliver 6/2/18
Hey Michael,

This is very much appreciated! I'm in the process of working with Sub Pop now, thanks for the info. Fingers crossed that we can make it work. You guys are great, keep making killer music! 

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