Video: BT @ Coachella

Trapper Team
Matt 4/20/09
GrangerLang 4/20/09

Surely it's not stalking in your position. It's constant vigilance! Like pirates supported by the government weren't pirates, they were ~*~buccaneers~*~.

How great are those videos? It's fantastic to hear the love they were getting. Sounds like a good crowd!

Trapper Team
Matt 4/20/09

Haha, thanks for encouragement man. Yeah, sounds like the crowd was pretty awesome. The accounts I read said the tent was super packed. Rolling Stone and NME had some nice things to say too:

Like you said, constant vigilance!

GrangerLang 4/22/09

"the six-piece Blitzen Trapper rode wild flights of guitar melody and feedback, with extended tunes of fuzz and contemplation"
Ha! Love it.

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