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Trapper Team
Matt 6/1/10

Hey guys! Just wanted to say hey and welcome everyone to the new BT website. I built it myself, and it's still a work in progress. Some of the features I'm psyched about are the archive of past shows (there are some holes here, which we're working to fill), and the setlists (I've been told the interface for this is a little confusing... agreed?). I'm also excited that we're now selling downloads for the first three albums, and will hopefully be selling them for the Sub Pop releases shortly.

I'll be adding a blog and t-shirts (!!) soon, as well as bringing back the Flickr photos and linking up with other BT-related stuff around the web. You'll be able to post on things all across the site using the same login you use to post on the forum. The forum is one of the band's favorite features on the site, so I wanted to extend that community vibe further this go round. Excited to see it evolve!

I'd love to hear any feedback or ideas you all have as well, and definitely let me know if something's not working (for example, I just last night realized the Buy Ticket links weren't working in Firefox - doh!). And as always, thanks so much for your support and interest in this awesome band called Blitzen Trapper.

- matt

pettyfeversk 6/1/10

I just noticed on the ITunes version of the album that there is a bonus track "Simple Tree". As a fan who is going to buy the cd, why not include that on the cd also. It just creates a motivation to buy the album on I tunes and then people wonder why cd sales are down. It is disapointing as I like the sound of the bonus track and unless it is hidden in the cd, I am screwed as I have to buy it from I tunes. Stephen

flyguy 6/1/10

Looks great, Matt!

GrangerLang 6/2/10

pettyfeversk, maybe the song will be available to purchase separately once the album is out?  The itunes version of 'Furr' has the great bonus track 'Ballad of Bird Love', which you can buy without having to buy the whole album.  Hopefully they'll do the same thing here!

Trapper Team
Matt 6/4/10

Hey Stephen,

I asked Sub Pop about this and they said the track is marked for track only purchase, so you'll be able to buy it for 99 cents when the album comes out next week.  If that's super annoying let me know and we can probably work out some magical way to get it to you for *cough* less than 99 cents.  I'm glad to hear you're planning on getting the CD -- the artwork is really neat, so I think you'll be happy with it.  

Thanks for listening!

rymer81 6/5/10

Site looks great Matt -- it's easily navigable, too.

Dunwoody 6/5/10

Matt - Looks great!  I don't know what you mean about the interface with the setlists page.  I thought it was easy to navigate.

gitchegumee 6/7/10

Looking forward to the t-shirts. That way I can ship BT fan wear to my family in addition to bombarding their inboxes with BT songs-of-the-day. They all plan to join me for the Detroit show Aug 4 so they're loving it.

sjenth 6/7/10

hi forumfolks

just fell inlove with bT

sheer genius; all over.......

first contact a few hours ago "destroyer of the void" ; synapses  in my mind say/link to

the incredible stringband, beatles, bobdylan, zappa, ween,  and some more.

yes great ones  too in harmony-melody-words.

very  very   nice

let me know whenever you come to europe please.


sitemaster: website very ok on macosX.6.2 and opera 10.10

cheers from france


georgygirl 6/7/10

Going to see BT tonight at the Slowdown in Omaha with my daughter and her boyfriend.  Can't wait to see one of Portland's best!

Broncanous 6/10/10

Looks great, and the album is very nice!

I can't get to any of the forum posts if I'm not signed in, there's an error saying:

"We're sorry, but something went wrong.

We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly."

You probably know about it already (and you're probably taking a look shortly), but just in case you hadn't seen it...

Rock on till the break of dawn,


Trapper Team
Matt 6/10/10

Wow, no, I had no idea that was happening, since I have it set to keep me logged in. Embarrassing!  Anyway it's fixed now.  Thanks for the heads up!

Trapper Team
Matt 6/10/10

Oh man, shows were broken for non-logged-in users too.  Epic fail.  Fixed now.

AmshMisfit 6/21/10


I'm new here, great to meet you! Love the site, and love the band.

Matt Blank

Dunwoody 6/22/10

Matt -- I just updated a setlist on the setlist page. I suggest that when you have a moment you set the default number of song pull-down menus to something higher than the 15 or whatever it is now.  I had to submit a partial setlist and then edit the page to get additional pull-down menus. Not a big deal, but needlessly complicated. Also, an <encore> selection would be useful to separate the main set from the encore. Two cents. Like I said earlier though, site looks great and it's really easy to navigate.

Trapper Team
Matt 6/22/10

Alrighty, I just upped the default number of tracks to 25.  That's something I've been meaning to do, so thanks for the nudge.  Eventually I'll make it so you can just click "add track" to add as many as you need.  An encore section definitely seems to be in demand, so I'll work on that too.  Thanks for the feedback!

PtownMaria 11/1/10

Hey Matt!  Good work on the website.......there's no contact feature on here, so I figure I'd just go through you to see about booking Blitzen for a benefit concert.  Who would I talk to about that?  I work in the non-profit field here in Portland, and loved Blitzen the first time I saw them in Chicago, my old stompin grounds.  Just was wondering if the band would be open to an amazing charity concert and if they do things like that, or who to contact......  thanks so much for any info you could give me!!!


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