where is the video????

Jamieson 3/19/12

since i have yet to make it to sxsw i rely on our friendly neighbourhood interwebs to amuse and delight me with pics and vids of the performing artists.  BUT why can't i find any video of the bt, rem, jody stephens ensemble playing 'feel'??  all of those guys playing big star? holy shit!!!  where is the videoooooooo? maybe everyone in the crowd were having a 'holy fucking shit, i can't believe this is happening' moment and forgot to get their phones out... guess i can't blame them for that.

i did find one video of bt covering big star on youtube when they played the troubadour and of course they KILLED it: http://youtu.be/08KpG8fFu1g

plz internet ppl, don't fail me now :)

indied 3/20/12

Yes!  I've been wondering the same thing.


Okay, here's something - that isn't THAT - but it's from the night before at the Ginger Man.  Eric, Big Star drummer Jody Stephens (who you can only see in the first two seconds of the video - but it's him!), Ken Stringfellow (bass) and Jon Auer (guitar.)  Ken and Jon are from The Posies and have also been "modern day" Big Star members, since the early '90s.  So it's basically Eric backed by any and all remaining members of Big Star!



Jamieson 3/20/12

thx indied for the find it's great :)

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