Wild & Reckless

jers 3/30/17
Help. I'm stuck in Kansas. I would like to see this show but traveling for it is out of the question. Will there be a web cast (is that a thing)? And after reading in Mr. Quigleys wonderful review that there is a record to be had (that's what we older folks call vinyl) I am jonesin.
wakeman 3/30/17
Parabola7001 4/7/17
I agree. I'm almost ready to bite the bullet and get a plane ticket to Portland. I live in Kansas City. It may just be worth it to drop hundreds for this.
Tbone1232 4/14/17
Got my vinyl copy of Wild and Reckless! There is not a download code is there?

mistercharlie 4/17/17
No, there isn't a DL code. It's vinyl or CD only. So glad I have a copy on vinyl!

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