Wild & Reckless album

Comet 10/27/17
Just received my vinyl pre-order!  Had a listen to the stream last night during my break at work.  Normally hate to stream in advance but couldn't wait!  This is easily my favourite Blitzen Trapper album from first listen in a few years (not to say every album isn't great - you guys are giving Petty a run for his money in terms of good album streaks!).
First of all I have to say I'm so pleased that the songs carried over from the stage show soundtrack are different mixes/arrangements.  It made the whole album seem fresh rather than half familiar.
Second - Joanna! What a song. A future BT classic, surely?
Can't wait to give this another spin.  A but of a bummer that it doesn't come with a download, guess I'll have to double dip for the CD.  Can't have everything I guess!  
Seriously great album, guys.  Well done and a big thank you from the UK.
Now, about that 2018 European Tour...

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