Wrong record

jers 10/3/15

Hey guys, 

I would like to let fellow fans know that after takeing home All Across This Land from a local record shop I found the wrong record in the jacket. It was Major Lazer Peace is the Mission inside. I called the store that I got it from and the person I talked to opened another copy and found the same record. I am only posting to let you Know so that you can check yours before you leave the store if you want. This is not at all a rant, and of cours  I do not blame the band.

jers 10/8/15

Got my record exchanged today. First listen, so good. Great story telling and excellent playing as always. I can't wait to hear it live. Go KC Royals.

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michael.james 10/12/15

Been meaning to write! Glad it got sorted out for you and I hope not too many others are out there. Thanks for letting us know. You rock Jers. 

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